How do I shorten an article link?

Published on September 18, 2022

URLs can become lengthy and inconvenient. Regular URLs are too complex to type in by hand, and URLs often look terrible when typed in full text. And, if you want to include a URL in a Twitter post, you'll use up most of your character limit.

That's why URL shorteners are so common; they let you take a long, cumbersome URL and convert it into a compact web address in just a few clicks.

When you use a URL shortener, the service automatically redirects your shortened URL to the correct, full-length URL. The person clicking on the shortened URL doesn't need to know anything about the fact that it has been shortened; it just happens automatically.

Here's how to use the shortener to shorten URLs 

1. Copy the URL you wish to shorten.
2. Open the btly website ( in your web browser.
3. Paste the URL into the "Shorten your link" area and click on Shorten.
4. Click Copy to get the new URL.
5. Copy the URL you wish to shorten.
6. Open the URL in your web browser.

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