What are some suggested Instagram URL shortener tools to boost your marketing?

Published on September 18, 2022

Looking for an Instagram or other social media hack to increase your social presence and following? You should try using a tool like the Instagram URL shortener. It has the ability to do much more than simply shorten your long and annoying URLs.

For example, you can use a domain name to shorten a URL, add an engaging call to action, create a bio link, manage analytics, and redirect your audience.

Why use an Instagram link shortener?

Link shorteners make sharing much simpler and facilitate marketing as a whole. They deliver links in a few precious characters and capture a higher click-through rate. In addition, Instagram link shorteners track the performance of all the URLs you share on your social media channels.

These analytics record the behavioural patterns of your audience and find what they want.
This is the recommended URL shortener to use: https://btly.cc

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