What are the benefits of using URL shorteners?

Published on September 03, 2022

1. They make your site sharable
Don't underestimate what can be shared. Shorter URLs are easier to share than longer URLs. When you post content, you want your audience to share it.

While some people use the share button to share content with friends and other interested parties, others will simply copy and paste the URL, making it easier to share by reducing the size of your URL. 2.

2. Higher click-through rates
People prefer to interact with short links to long links. Short links are more attractive and will inspire users to click on them, increasing click-through rates.

3. Increased user trust
Ridiculously long URLs containing many characters often result in spam. If your target audience encounters long URLs, they are likely to ignore them.

You can increase user trust in URLs by shortening them. URL shorteners make your URLs clean, easy to read and less confusing. Users can also easily determine what your page is about by the keywords contained in the characters, with fewer characters.

4. Analyse data
Another significant advantage of the URL shortener is that it can provide users with valuable analytical data about your links.

Tracking the different metrics of your links can be very helpful in identifying engagement patterns that can help point you to the needs of your audience. Some of the metrics include follows, shares, comments and likes, and the data can help your digital marketing team develop a strategy that works for you. 5.

Short URLs are easy to replicate
While most users will take advantage of the copy and paste feature, in some cases they may have to enter the URL into the message, especially if they want to share it using a different device than the one they are reading.

It is less frustrating and you are less likely to make a mistake when entering a short URL.

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