What is the best URL shortener for a brand/business?

Published on September 18, 2022

When we are talking about brands and businesses, we are definitely talking about customisation.
Businesses have deep organisational structures and therefore they need customised services.

These services can be provided by URL Shortener APIs, which can be fully customised to the needs of the business and provide segmented analytics based on the needs of the business.

According to a recent study, 76% of customers consider the Routee API to be the best URL Shortener API for their business and here are 4 reasons why.

1. Deep customisation
You can customise the API exactly to your needs.
2. Deep Analytics Segmentation
You can deep segment the analytics data you receive from Shortnener as much as you want. Receive data such as visit time, ip, location, device, etc.
3. Customer loyalty and shareability.
Add your domain name and increase engagement as visitors will see links they know and can easily share.
4. Spam filtering security
Your URL is safe from spam.

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